The Puppy Programme

"Happiness is a warm puppy", Charles M Schulz, Peanuts.

The arrival of a new puppy is one of the most exciting and wonderful life experiences, and undoubtedly the start of an amazing adventure and an enduring friendship.

Over the last decade, Bone Rangers have supported many pups and their owners through their first few months and helped to develop them all into happy, social dogs. We know full well that you would rather be snuggled up to your puppy than at boring old work but our one-to-one philosophy means that we are able to step in and give undivided attention are care at a time when it is needed the most.

Our unique puppy package is designed to provide regular contact and stimulation while also allowing for plenty of essential rest time. Your puppy will need frequent opportunities to go to the loo as well as lots of play and cuddle time. We will start to help them explore their environment, acclimatise them to their busy London surroundings and to socialise them with other dogs.

The Puppy Programme features:

A one-to-one, 60 minute settling in and training session with our in-house trainer Penaran, which will include written follow up notes to help guide you through the first few months. Pen will also do a full handover with your walker so we can help establish consistency.

2 x 1 hour long visits each day from our walker (times to be decided by you) which will incorporate gentle exercise outdoors, feeding, playtime and lots and lots of cuddles. Your walker will be following the training notes and will help to establish house training and your puppy's daily routine. We will update you on their progress through the daily Doggie Diary.

Back-up support and advice from the Bone Rangers team - we can help advise on finding a good vet, getting insurance, the best toys and accessories to buy, how to enjoy London with your puppy and getting the most out of your time together.

Once your puppy is a little bit older they will need less frequent visits and will be able to graduate to a Ranger or Long Ranger walk.

For more information on The Puppy Programme give us a call on 07854 700 324 or email [email protected].