Dog Walking

Leaving your dog at home while you are out at work is never ideal, but Bone Rangers aim to make it that little bit easier by providing an exceptional dog walking service that you can rely on. Our mission is to make each walk the highlight of your dog's day and to help take away some of the daily anxiety you feel at leaving them behind.

We believe that the best way to walk our dogs is one-to-one as this ensures that they receive the undivided attention they deserve.

A Bone Rangers walker will collect your dog on from your home or office at a time that suits you, walk them to the park, and then exercise and play games with them till it's time to go home again. All of our walks are done on foot so your dog will be taken to your local park and walked just as you would do yourself. Not using vans is not only kinder to the environment but also ensures that they get the maximum amount of exercise in their time with us.

We love to personalise our dog’s walks so if they have a favourite toy or activity, are working on some training or even just have a favourite tree they like to pee on, let us know and we will make sure we incorporate it into their walk.

We also make sure that they get plenty of doggie interaction and socialisation in the park, making friends and getting to know their canine neighbours while always being under the watchful eye of our walkers. We guarantee that your dog will return home safe, happy and tired after an excellent workout and will get lots of strokes and tummy rubs along the way. We always check that water bowls are full, wet dogs are towelled down and we can also follow any feeding or medication requests you might have.

Feel free to call us and check in on the hound's progress or wait to read their 'Doggie Diary' written daily by your walker, when you get home.

What to do next? Well, kindly ask your dog if he or she would mind filling out our Pooch Profile and once we have checked their particulars, we will be in touch ASAP to arrange an introductory consultation at your convenience.

Alternatively you can call the Bone Phone on 07854 700 324 to discuss our service in more detail. We are also happy to arrange a complimentary trial walk with your walker to make sure that you are 100% happy before you start.

Dog Walking Prices

Our one to one walks are split by price into two categories -

The Best Buddy - the same dedicated walker every walk, every day.

The Dream Team - a fabulous team of four walkers will take charge of your dog with everyone having a primary walker and then three back ups. We do not guarantee the same walker every day but we guarantee a fantastic walk every time.

Once you have selected the type of service you would prefer, please choose a length of walk. We have a number of different walks to suit every dog’s stamina and breed. Please do contact us if you would like some guidance on what might suit your dog best.

The Ranger
(60 mins)

Our most popular walk which suits almost all dogs. An hour long walk will ensure your dog gets plenty of outdoor exercise and also a few cuddles at home. (Our more senior/ junior customers may prefer to split this walk into exercise and then quieter time at home).

Best Buddy: £18 for one dog, £23 for two dogs from the same home, £23 at the weekend
Dream Team: £15 for one dog, £20 for two dogs from the same home, £20 at the weekend

The Long Ranger
(90 mins)

Designed for larger breeds or dogs who need a bit more exercise in their day.

Best Buddy: £23 for one dog, £28 for two dogs from the same home, £28 at the weekend
Dream Team: £20 for one dog, £25 for two dogs from the same home, £25 at the weekend

The Power Ranger
(120 mins)

An extra long walk for the bounciest of dogs or those who would like to explore further afield on their walks. Going to be back late from work? A longer walk will ensure your dog has had plenty of exercise during the day and will be happy and tired at home until you get back.

Best Buddy: £30 for one dog, £36 for two dogs from the same home, £36 at the weekend
Dream Team: £26 for one dog, £30 for two dogs from the same home, £30 at the weekend

Rescue dogs

Bone Rangers have experience in walking all shapes and sizes of dog but as a one to one dog service, we have a particular proficiency in walking rescue dogs. We have walked a great many over the years and helping them to flourish into happy and healthy dogs as they embrace their new lives are our proudest achievements.

While settling into their new homes, rescue dogs can be nervous, unhappy, easily spooked and even scared of other dogs or people. Large groups of dogs can be particularly unnerving so having a solo walk where the walker can give them lots of encouragement and support can really help to ease their nerves.

When taking on a new rescue, we aim to build a strong and trusting relationship between dog and walker and to slowly introduce them to their surroundings and to new experiences. This will hopefully ensure that your new family member is able to settle quickly and start to rebuild their confidence.

Additional support can be provided through our wonderful trainer Pen and the Bone Rangers team are always on hand.

We are happy to write a letter to your chosen rescue centre stating that we will be your nominated dog walkers - most rescue centres require this before proceeding with an adoption if you are working full time.

Bone Rangers are thrilled to support The Mayhew Animal Home in North London – a charity we have worked with and supported since we started out in 2006. They are a fantastic organisation and their staff work tirelessly to help make every dog in their care as loved and comfortable as possible while they wait for a new home.

As well as rescuing, fostering and re-homing dogs, The Mayhew also offers free microchipping, low cost neutering, a fantastic Pet Refugee programme, a local training centre for veterinary nurses, and they work on a number of international projects in countries like Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Russia.

It costs £6000 a day to run The Mayhew and they are funded entirely by donations so please do support them if you can.

You can sponsor a dog room for as little as £5 per month. This ensures one lucky Mayhew resident is kept warm and snuggly while they wait for a new home.


Bone Rangers are delighted to offer GPS tracking as an optional extra with our dog walking service. This will not only give you 100% peace of mind that your dog is always safe but will also give you a much more interactive experience of your dog’s walks.

Bone Rangers will provide you with the device from Tractive – which attaches easily to your dog’s collar – and we will help keep an eye on your dog’s walk from our central log in. This will help to ensure that our walkers are all keeping to time and giving your dog a great walk every day.

You can also keep an eye on them yourselves by logging into the app on your phone or laptop and see your dog’s location at all times. Follow their walk live in real time – see what they get up to and where they have been exploring.

Other features include:

An additional monthly free to cover the subscription will be added to your invoices. Please contact us for more details.

Doggie Diary

While we are excited to work with new technologies like GPS, Bone Rangers also like to use the more old fashioned paper and pen for some of our communication! Since we started in 2006 we have used the ‘Doggie Diary’ to let our customers know how each walk has been.

Every dog has their own diary and your walker will record the daily news in there after every walk. It is also a good place to leave notes for your walker if you need to and is of course a brilliant way to stay in touch with your dog’s adventures.

“Brilliant walk today. Scout was in great form and full of energy. She had lovely play with a spaniel called Smudge and we played with the ball for a bit. She should be tired now! I towelled her down and gave her a treat from the bag on the side. See you tomorrow!”

“It was raining quite heavily on our walk today so Herbert didn’t really want to go out to the park. Once he was out though he warmed up a bit and enjoyed sniffing all the wet leaves. Lots of pees but no poo today. I am off tomorrow and Lucy covering me so she will be writing in here tomorrow. Love Steph.”

“Frank made me laugh so much today as he just didn’t want to leave the pond. He loves swimming!! Two other Labradors joined in and they had an amazing time.”

“Suki was feeling a bit poorly so we took it very easy. She seemed to have an upset tummy so we walked slowly. I have let Bone Rangers know and sent you a text also. Hope she feels better tomorrow.”

“Lots of pulling on the lead again today. Reuben is very excited to get to the park. The new lead doesn’t seem to help that much. I will keep you posted.”

“Saffy is the most gorgeous puppy ever! We had a little walk outside and then did some of the training from the notes. She peed outside which I gave her lots of praise for. Well done Saffy!”