Meet Bone Rangers

Bone Rangers was founded in 2006 by dog-lover Kate Richards. Kate wanted to provide a more bespoke service to the canine community of London, where dogs could be walked one-to-one in their own neighbourhood without having to go through the stresses of travelling in a van or being in a large pack. She wanted to make sure that the owners felt confident and happy leaving their dogs in her care and were provided with impeccable customer service. She started by walking most of the dogs herself, before slowly hiring a team of like-minded people who could help her care for the city’s many dogs. They all help to fulfil the Bone Rangers mission of making sure that every dog is looked after as if they were walking their own.

Bone Rangers is now run by two dedicated mums (who have six children and three dogs between them!) – Kate and Kellie. At the very heart of what we do is our attention to detail and our commitment to excellent customer service. We genuinely care about all of our clients and their dogs and over the past decade have built up long standing relationships with a great many of them. We work tirelessly to accommodate our customers’ changing schedules, varying requests and adapt to your dogs’ evolving needs.

Kate is a very proud mum of three children and two dogs – Mabel, a cat-obsessed Jack Russell, and Henry, a very cuddly miniature dachshund.

You can contact Kate on [email protected].

Kellie Lombard joined us in 2014 and is the day to day manager for Bone Rangers. She can help you with any enquiries you might have, including how the service works or which walkers we have in your area, and can be contacted on [email protected].

Kellie is a busy mum of three little ones and a gorgeous border terrier called Missy.