The Bone Rangers walkers are the best in London: friendly, courteous, responsible, reliable, professional and trustworthy. These are some of the qualities we look for when taking on new recruits. Most importantly, they must love dogs and genuinely enjoy each and every walk. This is the key to creating an atmosphere where all of our canine charges are relaxed and happy and getting the most out of their walks.

Kelly and Chloe

Whether your hound requires to be taken out once in a while or ten times a week, we will make sure that while in our care they are living life to the full. As we only ever take one or two dogs out at anytime, each pooch has our undivided attention and focus. It also means that we are able to really get to know your dog's personality and help them get the most out of each walk.

Freddie and Whisky

The Bone Rangers family are also a very talented, educated and diverse bunch. As well as being dedicated dog lovers we have writers, dancers, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, teachers, actors, students and personal trainers on our team. Their freelance lifestyle not only allows us to be flexible with our service - fitting in extra walks at short notice for example - but also means you get a wonderfully accomplished and bright walker looking after your treasured mutt.

Do you have what it takes to be a Bone Ranger walker? Please email your name, phone number, email, location and weekday schedule to bonerangerswalkers@gmail.com.