Run Rangers

Bone Rangers are delighted to be offering running walks for the first time in 2016. Dog running is a fantastic way to get your dog fit, help them lose weight and keep them in tip top condition.

Some dogs have more energy than others and a stroll or play in the park might not be enough for them to feel properly exercised. A more intense daily work out can help curb behavioural problems, ease anxiety or aggression and most importantly, keep them feeling healthy and happy.

Weight issues can be easily addressed with regular running and your dog will not only become lean and toned, but will increase his strength and stamina.

We work with specially trained dog runners who will develop a fitness programme specifically for your dog and we will update you on their progress through their Doggie Diary.

Dog running is not advisable for some breeds and your dog must be at least 12 months old to start running with us. If you would like to know more about Run Rangers, where we operate and if your mutt might be suitable call the Bone Phone or drop us a line on