Dog Training


Bone Rangers are very proud to work with the fantastic dog trainer Harriet Alexander.

We work closely with Harriet on training for our walkers, assisting our clients with any issues they might have with their dogs, and getting our new puppy recruits started out on the right paw.

Harriet's training methods are aligned with Bone Rangers' own philosophy on caring for dogs: it is force free, based on positive reinforcement, respect and above all, fun.

She believes in examining the root cause of each individual dog's issue - rather than treating the symptoms - and aims to help dog and owner work together to enjoy a relaxed and companioable relationship that is of benefit to all family members.

Common issues that Harriet works on include:

Harriet has a wealth of experience and training, most notably from well known behaviourist Winkie Spiers, and is completing an advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

She is also a Bone Rangers mum to the gorgeous three-legged lurcher Pedro.

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